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Hey Johnny, you are The Man! I think its awesome that you stuck with Brendan and moved with him to N.C. to help him out! You are a great guy, and I'm sure Brendan feels he is fortunate to have such a great friend as you. Keep up the good work with Brendan and enjoy it when he drives into Victory Lane next year!


What were we all thinking? How can we not show love to the guy that has stuck by Brendan through everything? You have to love Johnny, at least we know Brendan is in good hands. From what I can tell he is doing a GREAT job!!


Sorry Johnny that you have been left out of the praise. I will second the "it's great that you moved along with Brendan" thought. I am sure it has been a fun ride. It is great to have a best friend that supports you. I am lucky enough to have one that may not always agree with me, but she is always there... and to top it off she is my only friend that enjoys racing and travels with me to the races.


Friendship is a very powerful thing, and anyone who has ever had the privilege of a TRUE friend knows how very valuable a treasure that friendship is. Brendan, you've been blessed with such a treasure in Johnny, and as your fans, we certainly love and appreciate the support that he's given you, whole-heartedly and unconditionally. So Johnny, thank you for being the friend that Brendan can always count on...may Santa be extra nice to you this holiday!


Cheeseburger, we love you! We were even talking about you over at the Yahoo group for a while. We were looking for as many pictures of you as we could find. Have any new pictures to share? :)

I heard you had to clean up after the great silly string party. If that's true, you should get to do that and Brendan can clean it up. :D

Have a great holiday!!!!


I'm the stalker that took his picture at Phoenix and emailed it to him. :) Cheese never even said "Thanks!" LOL

Of course, I love Cheeseburger. Remember, I have your Junior yearbook and we remember who didn't get his picture in it and who did . . .

Have a Merry Christmas, John!

You too, Bren!

~Pamela Ann

Hmmm - its been in the 40s and 50s in NC this last week and in the 70s in Vegas - looks like someone picked a bad time to give up the Desert!(really bad Airplane take off there - sorry).

Seriously Johnnie - Brendan has been through a lot this year and while we all know the kind of support he has from his family, any of us that have talked to him or read his articles in Nascar Scene know how much having you there as a friend, sounding board, etc. etc. day in and day out means to him. Thanks for being the personification of the support that most of us can only express here on this board!!


I must not be a good a fan as I think since I'm still learning about this one; but to quote Radar from the original M*A*S*H film: "Long live the cheese" and the old Bartles & Jaymes ads "Thank you for your support."

Man, that makes me want an In-N-Out Burger, and it's still 4 months until Vegas. Grrr.


I've had the pleasure of meeting Brendan a few times, but I haven't had the honor of meeting you, Cheese. I will agree with everyone else & say it's awesome that you've been such a great friend 2 Brendan & stuck by him! I'm sure you made this year a little easier for him, especially at the end when things were so up in the air & he didn't know where he was going to be next year. I know Brendan has such an outgoing personality & wouldn't want someone around who didn't have that quality as well, so I will assume that you are just as awesome as he is!! He will definitely bring you to victory lane next year in the truck & hopefully in a BUSCH and Cup car as well :-)

Happy Holidays to both of you & your families...counting down the days until Daytona!!


Well, as I don't know you, I have to just go on instint as to what kind of person you are. First off, I found out you moved to NC to be a friend to Brendan and help him out and just to be a GREAT friend. Hats off!! Then I realized, you moved from VEGAS!! to NC to help a friend. That is the tops of the moon and back again as friendships go. This family sends you LOVE and the best Holiday wishes to you both. Again, hats off to the kind of friend you are.


"Cheeseburger", what are you thinking?! Moving across the country for Brendan, of all people? (Brendan, I just had to get you back for the "Junior junk" comment) In all seriousness, it is very commendable of you to be that commited to your best friend. I just moved from Arizona to Massachusetts for my best friend (known to others as my husband). I feel your pain in that weather department. Shouldn't there just be a point when they just call it "colder than crud"? You are a great example of what a best friend is all about!


(((HUGGLES))) for Cheeseburger!!! We love you too!


Hey Cheese, we love ya "dude'.. It takes an awesome guy and friend to quit your job and help out Brendan the way you did. Be happy cuz we are..


My daughter Jill and I were lucky enough to meet Johnny at Homestead last month. We brought him some home made cookies as a reward for all the good things he does and I told him he didn't have to share. (Sorry cuz, but sometimes the background guy should get the perks.) But being Johnny, he put them in the driver's lounge so I'm sure you got some Bren! Hope you enjoyed them.


Brendan is really blessed to have a best friend that would move across the country with him. Thanks to you for all you do. We should all be so lucky to have a true friend that would be willing to do what you have done. I look forward to the day when I can possibly meet you as well. Have a wonderful holiday season!! Merry Christmas everyone!


We have been seriously neglecting Cheesy-B on here!

A big hug and kiss from me to him for every day during this wonderful holiday season!

Much love,


YOU are the MAN Cheesy-B! I mean who could overlook you? You are responsible for keeping our guy happy!! And you do a fabulous job -- you need a raise dude!

Seriously, I hope to meet Brendan one day and I also hope that you will be there too, so I can shake your hand.

Happy Holidays Cheeseburger!

Lisa :D

BIG HUGS AND SQUEEZES FOR THE CHEESEBURGER!!! Oh by the way Happy Holidays Cheesburger!!

love Ruth

See, we aren't totally obsessed with Brendan. There's always enough love in this group to go around. Thanks for taking such good care of our guy. I can't promise we won't send silly string, but we just won't send cases of it.


Hey, Johnny...there's ALWAYS enough love here to go around! Thanks for taking good care of our guy! :)


We love you too Cheeseburger, and maybe when we all have our gathering in Vegas, you can join us also, if time allows. We would like to meet you too.


Johnny, if you do go, you can even sign for us all and pose for pictures! ;)